Wednesday: Dashing around

DSC02177In the latest instalment of Polar Explorers, we met another of Jesus’ followers: Philip. We read about him in Acts chapter 8. He had to be pretty good at running, because he had to run after someone in a chariot to tell that person about Jesus!  The chariot rider was an Ethiopian official, who was puzzling over this passage from the Old Testament when Philip caught up with him. There’s a mystery man mentioned in it – who could it be? Philip was able to tell him that the man who died as a sacrifice for many was, in fact, Jesus – with amazing results, because the Ethiopian became a Christian, and was baptised there and then. Wow!


Here are some videos of two of our songs being performed: ‘F-R-O-G (Fully reliant on God)’ and ‘For God so loved the world’:

And which song do you think Great Scott and Anne Tarctica are performing here…?



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