Thursday: A complete turnaround

DSC02195In Thursday’s double dose of Holiday Club fun, we heard about the amazing life story of Saul, who became Paul. He hated God’s people and treated them really badly – until Jesus appeared to him, and turned his life around. It’s all there in Acts chapter 9. And read what Paul wrote afterwards (in his first letter to Timothy): “Here is a true saying… Christ Jesus came into the world to save sinners!” He would know! God turned his life around completely.

And then, at the major event that is our annual Sausage Sizzle, we heard from a very unlikely follower of Jesus: a jailer from Philippi, whose prison collapsed into bits. But he asked a great question: “What must I do to be saved?” And he got a brilliant answer from Paul: “Believe in the Lord Jesus Christ.” Read all about it here in Acts chapter 16.

Here are some all-action photos from the Sausage Sizzle!


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