Monday: Polar Explorers have set out!

PE LOGO-02We had a great first day today with the Polar Explorers in Morden Park!  After a mizzly start to the day, the sun broke through, and we had lots of fun, including: new songs, a chance to meet Great Scott and Professor Anne Tarctica, barely pronounceable team names that are all to do with polar stuff (!), exciting games, a mini Winter Olympics, and a mighty victory on points for Team Snow…

We also learnt about Jesus and his friend Peter.  Peter thought he’d never let Jesus down, but he did, very badly.  Yet, Jesus forgave Peter, and after Jesus rose again, he sent Peter to tell others about him!  What a wonderful friend to have – Peter must have thought he’d blown it, but Jesus wanted him on his team.  You can read all about Peter in the Bible here and here and here and here – those are the links to all of the Bible passages we looked at today.

The band are helping us to learn some new songs.  Here are two of them – click on the images if you’d like to sing along:


Looking forward to more tomorrow…

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