Friday: What a great week!

blizzWe finished off our explorations today by meeting Timothy, who learnt about Jesus from his mum and his granny, and also from Paul. Timothy wanted to tell people about Jesus, and to teach the Bible to others. Paul told him to do just that, and to set an example to other Christians in the way he spoke and the way he lived. Timothy was young… but Paul encouraged him to follow Jesus with all of his heart!

We’ve had a great week on the Morden Park Holiday Club! We’ve met friends of Jesus who dared to speak about him in all sorts of places and at all sorts of times, and we’ve heard lots about Jesus himself: the king who was put to death, but came back to life, and was made the boss of the world.

As it’s Friday, here’s a special treat: the Polar Explorers theme tune. Click to sing along…

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