A Day at MPHC

Here’s what a typical day at Morden Park Holiday Club looks like:



  • Welcome, and a chance for the children to get to know each other in their groups
  • Bandstand time – to learn from the Bible, sing some songs, watch some drama and take part in some games
  • Group time – to carry on finding out more from the Bible, and take part in lots of activities, including memory verses, quizzes and crafts


  • Team group games – the children play in teams against each other, with football, rounders, and other sports and relay games
  • Crafts – for those who would like to do this instead of sports
  • Party time – Friday is party day for the whole club!
  • Bandstand time – back to the bandstand for the big round-up, the latest team points totals, and more fun

The children are divided into groups of about twenty or so, and spend their day with the others in that group and their leaders. This allows them to get to know each other and to make friends.

On the Thursday evening, all the children and their parents are invited along to the famous Sausage Sizzle, which is held in the bandstand. Hot dogs will be available for all! It’s a chance for the children to show their parents what they have been doing during the week, and to hear for themselves what the club is all about. Members of the local churches will be at the bandstand to say a bit more about what they do, and where they are based.